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Going Home!

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Cooper  is in foster care in Upstate New York

I am a mystery breed: a giant Chihuahua? (I weigh about 20 lbs) or a miniature Basenji? And where did I get that intense color from? And those dark eyeliners around my copper eyes?  And those ears ready to take off in flight? But besides my unusual looks I am also -if I may say so myself - a real sweet dog, well balanced and smart. And to think that all that would have ended right about now in a SC gas chamber, because there just is not enough space to keep us alive when people keep dumping 50 dogs a week on average and very few dogs get adopted.  I am happy!  Not a sound on the day long drive up North! Life is good...

Please don't ask about my past, I cannot talk and nothing is known about us when we are dropped off at the shelter or sometimes even thrown into the "night drop box". 


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Shelter Photo